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2PF CXXV Black Inline Frame

2PF CXXV Black Inline Frame

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The Bont 125mm 2PT CXXV inline racing speed skating frame’s perfect flex control is your secret weapon. A frame that is too stiff skips across the road at the end of the push. A frame that is too soft will feel mushy and slow. The CXXV has the perfect amount of flex for maximum control. Designed with CAD-CAM software to create the perfect 125mm inline skate frame. The axles are made of 7000 series aluminum to ensure they will not strip over time. 

The CXXV is an affordable frame which is only one step down from our top of the line professional level Supercell frame. Feel the frame effortlessly curve back in at the end of your push thanks to this frames optimal flex. 

  • Mounting: 2 Point 195mm
  • Length: 12.8”
  • Deck height (center axle to top of frame): Front 59.5mm Rear 70.5mm
  • Weight: 219g
  • Material: 6061
  • Made in: Taiwan

1 pair of frames with axles, spacers and Allen key

This frame has been tested by Team Bont in countries all over the world. Bont sells more inline racing frames each year than any other brand. The frame is lightweight and extremely responsive. It can be used from beginners to elite skaters. 

Bont mounting hardware set will be provided free of charge only when purchasing boots/packages.

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