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MPC Storm Surge - 125mm

MPC Storm Surge - 125mm

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The MPC Storm Surge is the best wet-weather inline speed skating racing wheel on the market. The Storm Surge is a dual durometer wheel. 

  • Made in: USA
  • Application: Wet-weather
  • Diameter: 100mm, 110mm, 125mm
  • Hardness: 87A
  • Bearing size: 608

If you see clouds in the sky, it is best to pack a set of MPC Storm Surge Inline Wheels. At the inline world championships, as soon as the track becomes wet, most skaters will choose to use the MPC Storm Surge inline skate wheel in 100mm, 110mm or 125mm for the marathon. The special urethane formula makes this inline wheel grip better than any other in the wet. The Storm Surge wheel dominates any wet weather race. Made in the USA from the absolute highest grade urethane.

Bont has been a long time partner of MPC and the Bont Typhoon wheel is the exact same formula as the Storm Surge inline wheel. In the past, wet weather wheels were made softer to grip better in the wet but the Storm Surge is the first wet weather inline skate wheel that has a hardness of 87a which is a very hard wheel yet still grips like glue in the wet. The wheel is an astonishing accomplishment in urethane science. 

*Price is per wheel. 

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