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Piper Wheels

Piper G14 Pro Plus

Piper G14 Pro Plus

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Matter Wheels er nå videreført under navnet Piper Wheels! G13 oppgraderes også til G14.


The Unexplained Formula

Piper has reinvigorated one of our oldest most famous wheels of all time. We are not ready to let it go by the wayside just yet.

Piper has updated and upgraded several key specs: New Super G Tire, XL bands, Super Charged band formula and retooled both the core and the tire bonding for overall consistency and longevity.


  • Super G Thane, faster, more grip, longer lasting
  • 70 mm core, large sidewall, larger footprint, overall maximum controle
  • XL Super Charged band, 67A.
  • Hollow Tech Core, displacing the weight of the wheel to the outside creating momentum of inertia
  • Sold as – Each / 4pk / case
  • Packaging – Four packs (wheels may arrive without packaging, depending on purchase quantity)
  • Size: 110, 100
  • Hardness: F1 / F2
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