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Skate Elite

Japanske poleringsbryner, "Mirror Maker"

Japanske poleringsbryner, "Mirror Maker"

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Blade Sharpener

Blade Sharpener is diamond abrasives for grinding and polishing of the speed skating blades.
It improves the gliding quality on the ice surface and massively reduces the frictional resistance.

How to use

1. Clean your shoes beforehand to remove dust and rust films.
2. Clamp your shoes into a jig. The right shoe and the left one have to be parallel to each other and at the same height.
3. Wet the skids as well as the segments of Blade sharpener.
4. Place the Blade Sharpener horizontally on the skid and start grinding back and forth.
 Move to the next grit. The standard sequence is grit 1 ‒ 3.
 In case that you see deep rust or damages, start from grit 0.
 In case that you wish to achieve a mirror finish, use grit 4 after grit 3.
5. To remove the burr, use the Side Sharpener.
 Wet the side sharpener and slide along the skid’ s surface.
 ** Attention : Watch out your finger not to get injured.
#0 Yellow

#1 Red First polishing
#2 Green Second polishing
#3 Light Green Final polishing
#4 Brown Mirror finish
#5 Super finish
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